TerZetto Equine Facilitated Coaching Was Developed for You!

After 25 years working in various corporate organizations, at ever increasing levels of leadership, one very strong, very determined, and compassionate woman, made the executive decision that it was time to make a difference. She knew that individuals didn't make a conscious choice to wake up each day, determined to show up badly, be overwhelmed, stressed out and full of struggle. She was aware that our global culture would get worse before it got better, and for women, survival should not be what they settled for.

That wIMG_9839oman who got #clarity on her purpose, found the #courage to engage and focus on her goal, today lives each and every day with a passion to empower women to be leaders, to be the difference.

Yes, that woman is me, Jeannine Miller, founder of TerZetto Equine Facilitation Coaching.

Hello and welcome! First, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am a certified professional coach, and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am a certified yoga therapist, and a certified equine specialist, and member of both the EAGALA and PATH organizations. I have over 30 years as a consultant and coach, and have seen the difference that equine learning and development has made in individual’s lives, both personal and professional. What is most important for you to know, is that I am committed to empowering you on this journey, a journey you have chosen to step up and into, the journey of being an equine facilitator.Lead Your Herd,Lead Your BusinessFBPost

What sets TerZetto EFC apart from other programs, is the mindful approach integrated into all that we do. It is reflected in the combination of yoga, meditation, leadership & business coaching, and time spent with our partner the horse. After years of coaching, mentoring, study and research, I have brought together the mindful powers of yoga | meditation & horse, with the benefits of coaching, that will bring focus, clarity and empowerment to everything you do.

We bring women equine facilitators together, and help you to build a "posse" that will accept, support and keep you company along your new journey!

Whether you are here to become a certified coach and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), or here to take your equine facilitation business to a higher level, you won't be disappointed. Contact me here.

Now sit back, and enjoy the tour.

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