What Is Equine Facilitated Learning & Development?

Equine facilitated learning and development is a modality in which individuals get to have the opportunity to grow, personally develop, all through their partnering with the horse. Horses help to build confidence, trust, personal awareness and greater self-esteem, in a way that no other learning modality can.

Equine learning and development has been incorporated into many areas of personal and behavioural development including the areas of psychology, physical therapy and coaching. The power of the horse, and the possibilities when one spends time building a relationship with a horse, knows no bounds.

As you watched this video, how did it make you feel? Did it relax you? Did it calm you down? Did you feel somewhat serindipity? In today's world where we live in internet seconds, and everyone seems to be in everyone elses space, equine learning and development is an excellent and vibrant environment to get in touch with yourself. To come back 'home' to you.

Equine learning and development will help you to get #clarity, and then gain the #courage to finally live out your #passion.